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Prime Agency (PA) is a football marketing and management consultancy with expertise in providing unique football memories. PA organizes and promotes football events all over Europe and in the Middle East.


Prime Agency (PA) is one of the few companies in the world authorized by FIFA that has an official license as a match agent. Our offices in the Middle East, Europe and Asia allow us to manage a wide contact network with clubs and federations around the world, which are affiliated to FIFA.

The FIFA Match Agent license allows us to operate in an official, clear and responsible way in the football market. Moreover, PA has a liability insurance, which is mandatory by FIFA. This insurance brings world cover for the organization and production of friendly matches, both for national teams and for local football clubs.



The exclusive FIFA Match Agent license, of which there are only very few official licensed agents in the world, are a guarantee for Prime Agency. In this way we can offer an extensive and diverse service ranging from national team friendly matches with official FIFA dates, football clubs friendly matches, preparation stages or concentrations for national teams and clubs, to combined football stars matches for humanitarian causes, and clubs or national team tours in attractive markets.


Training camps are one of Prime Agency’s specialist services. Our organisation and management of world class training camps is geared towards providing peace of mind to our football clients. Whether it’s a pre- season programme, mid-season break or a pre-tournament training camp, we can help you select the right destination to provide the best suited, accommodation, facilities and venue for your resources.

Our training camps are concentrated on monitoring each player’s fitness, health and adaption to the localised environment.

We have forged partnerships with groups that have outstanding facilities throughout Europe and in the Middle East. Many of our venues are part of professional club setups and national performance centres. Our locations will have the greatest amenities.

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